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Fly Me to the Moon.

He looks good in a black t-shirt. - Dylan O’Brien on Tyler Hoechlin.

(, )

Thomas really loves his uncle Jensen [x / x]


I’m the only one that gets to call you, Sammy.

best dean quotes per episode → 1.06 skin

Jensen randomly starts singing and Jared is pleasantly surprised (x)



…..are you sure this is a good idea 

im gonna win this

2012 - 2014


mockingswan asked: Alison or Cosima?


killianjonxs asked: Emma Swan or Sarah Manning?

"Every player has their own right to do whatever they want. But we're a family and we play together"- Martin Brodeur.

HI! I'm Kim. I'm 24 years young and I live in NJ. I fell in love with the New Jersey Devils at a young age. I root for the Chicago Blackhawks on various occasions. You will also find the other loves of my life here: One Direction, Supernatural, Shameless US & maybe some Teen Wolf.

(Twitter- Kim_K9)

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